App of the Week.

Hey guys!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far. Stay strong its almost FRIDAY!! So like most people in America I have a smart phone and I do almost everything on it. But what I do most is edit!edit! edit! So if you’re into photography or  iphoneography like me you will love this app.

The cool application I discovered this week is “Touch Retouch.” For those  of you who are like “this isn’t new” or “I already have this app,” please just bare with me. This app has a unique feature that I love but most apps don’t have. With “Touch retouch” you can remove unwanted blemish or objects from your photography. No photoshop needed for us beginners. Yayy!! It’s awesome for erasing  that pimple that just appeared out of nowhere or removing people from your random family portrait. Its a bit tricky to use at first but with a bit of practice and the use of the tutorials it offers, you will fall in love with this app. you can either buy this app from the app store for $0.99 or use the free one.

So  if you already have this app congrats to you. Follow my blog for more app reviews to come. I will be featuring fashion, health, photography,sports and more apps in the future. So if photography is not your thing, maybe next week I’ll feature a travel app that may be just right for you. So stay Tuned!!


blog blog blog….

Hey guys! So I have always wanted to have my own personal blog but i didn’t know how to start one or find a good name for it. But after much research and sleepless nights, I told myself what the hey! go with the flow and stop over thinking things. so here I am writing my first post.

Here are two things to keep in mind before starting your own blog: 1)Ask yourself “why do I want a blog” and “what will readers benefit form my blog.” Answer yourself honestly. 2) come up with a unique but simple domina name. Don’t assume that an idea will just come to you once you get on the internet. even if it does, chances are it may be taken already. Check out the link below for more tips on blogging! 

Have Fun;)