Can You Keep Up?

 So I am pretty disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my blog daily. I thought when I got a blog, I would be blogging all day everyday! But then reality hit me more like slap me across the face. So I decided in the month of October I’m going to step-up my game. Here are a few tips for anyone who going through the same struggles as me:

  1. Set a goal for how many times you want to post on your blog weekly.
  2. Try to figure out your hot spot of the day. if you are a morning person try updating your blog while drinking your morning coffee. However, if you are a night owl you may try updating your blog while you catch up on your Facebook or other social networking sites.
  3. Go Mobile!! If you have a busy schedule like us college students, you don’t have a lot time on your hands.
  4. Ignore these tips and do whatever floats your boat:)

 I hope these tips were able to help someone. If you have other helpful tips please comment below.



blog blog blog….

Hey guys! So I have always wanted to have my own personal blog but i didn’t know how to start one or find a good name for it. But after much research and sleepless nights, I told myself what the hey! go with the flow and stop over thinking things. so here I am writing my first post.

Here are two things to keep in mind before starting your own blog: 1)Ask yourself “why do I want a blog” and “what will readers benefit form my blog.” Answer yourself honestly. 2) come up with a unique but simple domina name. Don’t assume that an idea will just come to you once you get on the internet. even if it does, chances are it may be taken already. Check out the link below for more tips on blogging! 

Have Fun;)