Can You Keep Up?

 So I am pretty disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my blog daily. I thought when I got a blog, I would be blogging all day everyday! But then reality hit me more like slap me across the face. So I decided in the month of October I’m going to step-up my game. Here are a few tips for anyone who going through the same struggles as me:

  1. Set a goal for how many times you want to post on your blog weekly.
  2. Try to figure out your hot spot of the day. if you are a morning person try updating your blog while drinking your morning coffee. However, if you are a night owl you may try updating your blog while you catch up on your Facebook or other social networking sites.
  3. Go Mobile!! If you have a busy schedule like us college students, you don’t have a lot time on your hands.
  4. Ignore these tips and do whatever floats your boat:)

 I hope these tips were able to help someone. If you have other helpful tips please comment below.